Phyllis Schlafly Debrief: “Didn’t you learn that in sex ed?”

After taking 9 furious pages of notes on her lecture, these are selections from her speech. Quotation marks indicate exact quotes; I have the entire speech recorded, for future reference.

Feminism vs. Conservatism
A Lecture by Phyllis Schlafly

All feminists (defined by the priorities of the National Organization for Women) want:
-“$10 billion in government appropriations every year for daycare so mothers can be liberated from taking care of their own babies.”
Translation: Feminists hate families, and babies.
-“Repeal all restrictions on welfare reform that encourage welfare recipients to seek a job.”
Translation: Feminists want people to be on welfare
-“The senate to ratify the U.N. treaty on women, which would make our laws, customs, and textbooks subject to control by a U.N. committee of feminists”
Translation: OH NOES THE U.N.! RUN AWAY
-“To lift the combat exclusion on women in the military so women can be assigned to ground combat and submarines–you know it’s a feminist idea that it’s terrible if American men hit a woman, but it’s quite all right if enemy men hit women in combat!”
Translation: Yeesh.
-“Enact hate crime legislation so that you can be punished for a criticism of them”
Translation: All feminists are lesbians.
-“Aggresive enforcement of TItle IX, to banish all the men’s sports they possibly can”
Translation: All feminists hate men

The Lilly Ledbetter Act
-“Lilly Ledbetter worked for Goodyear for 19 years, retired with full benefits, and then suddenly claimed that her supervisor, now long dead, had committed gender discrimination against her many years earlier. The jury awarded her 3.5 million dollars. You can imagine what a verdict like that does to a company that’s struggling to compete with foreign corporations, who are not subject to that type of nonsense.”
Translation: Lilly Ledbetter singlehandedly drove jobs out of America. Nice going.

The Violence Against Women Act:
“You want to punish your husband? You can appeal to a tremendous amount of money through the violence against women act, and get free housing, while you make charges you never have to verify.”
Translation: Leaving your husband and living in transitional housing is AWESOME. Quitter!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
She “got the government to pay for her book.”
Translation: Who wants to be a supreme court justice anyway? I’d much rather be giving lecture tours in small classrooms across the country.
She “wanted the age of consent for sex lowered to 12 and prostitution must be legalized”
There’ll be naked bodies in the streets and children corrupted everywhere blah blah blah

On Crime:
“Any social ill you name” can be traced back to the heinous problem of children growing up in a “mother-headed household.”
She couldn’t say single-parent– it had to be “mother-headed.” Who thinks women can’t succeed now, huh?

On domestic violence:
How to punish a man for domestic violence: “Have you ever seen a man hit a woman? Do you consider to associate with that man? No? Then that’s a good reaction.”
This has the same logic as “Did you see him commit the murder? Did you ever talk to him again? No? Good, problem solved.”
“There should be no women’s shelters. It’s unconstitutional, on the basis that it assumes women are the victims and men are the batterers.”

On Marital Rape:
MY question: “You say very clearly that we have laws to punish those who commit assault and battery. Do you distinguish between physical violence and sexual violence? Where is the line of consent?”
A: “You do agree that when you get married, you are consenting to sex. Didn’t you learn that in sex ed? These laws against spousal rape are very recent laws, no, I think we should enforce the laws against assault and battery.”
Q: “Do you think that assault and battery includes sexual violence?”
A: “I think it certainly can, but there’s a difference between some guy passing you– some stranger passing you in a dark alley, and what your husband has to do.”
Q: “So if it’s an acquaintance, it doesn’t count as severely as a stranger?”
A: “Well i don’t think it’s rape when it is the husband, no. Now it can be assault and battery If he mistreats her, he should be punished.”
Q: “I’m just wondering what you would consider mistreating, as opposed to a sexual violence type of situation.”
A: “Any type of physical harm.”

On single motherhood:
Q: “What advice would you give to a single woman in that position, if she doesn’t have daycare available to her and a man that’s around her?”
A: “Well she’s not supposed to have a baby unless she’s married. You’re supposed to be married and have a husband before you have a baby.”
Q: “What if they are married but the husband leaves?”
A: “Well, that’s very unfortunate.”

Women in Politics
Q: What are the factors that make the U.S. ranked between 30 and 60 as far as ranking behind other nations in women in leadership?
A: “One evidence of the fact that American women are better off than women in any other country. The idea that you’re better off in a job than as a homemaker is a feminist idea, and I don’t accept that. And that they have to go to work to have a decent standard of living. I don’t think it means you’re well off if you have more women in jobs. Well, women have the majority of votes, and they can elect more women. But they have the right to elect more men. Can’t they do that? There is simply not as great a pool of women who will do that [run for office] as men. Women don’t like what you have to do to run for office in the same percentage as men who will put up with it.”

On abusive relationships:
“If you’re smart enough to get into Berkeley, you’re smart enough to pick a man who’ll treat you like a lady.”
Translation: Only stupid women end up in abusive relationships, and it’s their own fault for picking someone bad.

On women’s progress:
Women don’t owe anything to feminism. The greatest contribution of the last 50 years to women is innovation in homemaking technologies: “The private enterprise system has made them better off to make the home a more delightful place. When I got married, all I wanted was a dryer so I didn’t have to hang my diapers out on the line.
Translation: It’s just lucky that women’s days have been made easier with the attractive daily lifestyle of cleaning products, skin care products, diets, chocolate, jewelry, and The View.

The vatican released a statement on the status of women:

As International Women’s Day is celebrated, the Vatican had a novel message for the women of the world: give thanks for the washing machine. This humble domestic appliance had done more for the women’s liberation movement than the contraceptive pill or working outside the home, said the the official Vatican newspaper, Osservatore Romano.

Sound familiar?

One response to “Phyllis Schlafly Debrief: “Didn’t you learn that in sex ed?”

  1. Wow, that’s intense. Way to go on the questions you asked her – very to the point.

    P.S. And of course all feminists are man-hating lesbians. Didn’t you get the memo?

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