Dear Huffington Post… CUT IT OUT.

Dear HuffPo,

I have long been a fan of your quick hit blog posts and reliability. You are a friendly alternative to the Drudge report.

Yet, you can’t take a hint. Conservatives and some liberals decried your slideshows of Sarah Palin as sexist.

You posted the disturbing photo of Rihanna’s face for page views, You filter women through a lens of objectification before you address their actions and worth.

Even your satire turns my stomach to knots: how dare Doon Baqi make intolerant assertions about FTM Thomas Beatie?

“How simpleminded do you people think we really are? That “man” is not a man. It’s a woman. A woman who underwent various procedures in order to look like a man, sort of like the myriad of porn stars that had various surgical enhancements to make them look more like something they are not.”

Can I use your time machine after you, Doon? I didn’t know the 90’s were back.

And thanks for supporting progressive women in their efforts to reach a standard of beauty that’s acceptable to society: I’m sure it means a lot to Nancy Pelosi that her hair matters more than the new federal budget. And as Michelle Obama grows in her role as First Lady, knowing that she can add “nice arms” to her resume will probably be helpful to her professional career.

Cut it out.


Ariel Boone

One response to “Dear Huffington Post… CUT IT OUT.

  1. I disagree they dont just do politics they do entertainment too. T
    here is a place for non-important topics and there is a certain celebrity about politics especially with a president like obama.
    The Media is a business and even though everybody hates the MSM and any large media Organization I think our media is probably as good as it gets.
    If it is not whats the alternative to profit driven media? Is it government driven media? Thats worse, you see the Problem is not Huffington Post the Problem is the american people.

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