Is sex a conjugal right?

A Kenyan man sued an activist group called the Women’s Development Organisation in the wake of their activism around a woman-implemented ban on sex, designed to eliminate gridlock in government.

James Kimondo told reporters outside the Nairobi High Court his wife had observed the boycott and caused him “anxiety and sleepless nights”.

This is similar to Phyllis Schlafly declaring that marriage includes 24/7 consent of the woman to sex, asking me, “Didn’t they teach you that in sex ed?”

Moral of the story:  if you think Kenya’s ridiculous, have you met some of our distinguished citizens?  First off, encouraging women to ban sex has its pros and cons:

+ It encourages them to exercise the power of non-consent.

– It assumes that the root of women’s power is in sexuality.  That’s problematic.

No news here.

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